EU Consultation about EU-wide protection of geographical indications for non-agricultural products

11-05-2021 Print this page

The consultation aims at capturing the views of all relevant stakeholders. They will have the possibility to express their views on the problems related to the existing legal protection of authentic geographically-rooted non-agricultural products within the internal market; on the benefits and risk of EU action; on the available policy options including the control and enforcement of a future EU-protection system for such products; on the potential impacts of these policy options.


Target audience includes all citizens, organisations and experts. The Commission seeks to gather inputs from a broad range of stakeholders, namely public authorities (federal/national, regional and local authorities in Member States and non-EU countries); consumers (citizens and consumer organisations); producers (individuals, companies in particular SMEs, and associations or organisations); legal practitioners and academics; and other stakeholders e.g. training organisations.