Deloitte launches Patent Reports

Print this page 12-02-2018

Deloitte press release: "As from today, is also offering patent benchmark reports. The reports are created by using artificial intelligence to analyze over 70 million patents filed by 268.000 businesses worldwide. Next-generation analytics allows us to benchmark your business against its competitors and observe innovation in your industry.


The patent reports show which patents are being filed by your business and industry or selected group of peers. It is the perfect addition to the existing risk and strategy reports as you will immediately see in which areas your industry or competitors is spending R&D resources and want to innovate.


About the Patent Reports
The patent range at consists of two types of reports: Company vs. Industry and Company vs. Peers reports, where your company will be benchmarked against your industry or a selected group of peers respectively. The reports are designed to save you time as you will only read about the patents that affect your business and benchmarking group directly.


About us was founded by an ambitious innovative team of international data scientists. We combined our deep knowledge of advanced data analytics to create a truly unique product in consultancy: customized reports created with artificial intelligence. Our technology combines natural language processing with a unique data platform and the world's largest company database. The result? You will never again have to deal with outdated information in the world of today."