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$ 19,2 million in statutory damages for infringement Harley-Davidson trademark

Print this page 18-04-2018

World Intellectual Property Review: "Motorcycle manufacturer Harley-Davidson has secured $19.2 million in statutory damages in a trademark clash with t-shirt designer SunFrog, in what is Harley-Davidson’s largest-ever trademark infringement win. In May last year, Harley-Davidson accused SunFrog of selling counterfeit merchandise, including t-shirts, leggings and mugs, online through its platform. Michigan-based SunFrog operates a platform which designs and sells print-on-demand clothing products to consumers, who are invited to upload designs onto the website. According to the claim, the online platform had infringed Harley-Davidson’s ‘Bar & Shield Logo’, ‘Willie G. Skull Logo’ and ‘Number 1 Logo’ trademarks, and Harley-Davidson’s copyright in the ‘Willie G. Skull Logo’.




SunFrog was also accused of facilitating the advertisement and promotion of the products on social media sites by providing its sellers with sales-tracking tools and offering tutorials for social media marketing."


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