Benjamin Bijl

Mr. Benjamin Bijl




Arnold + Siedsma Netherlands

Rembrandt Tower, 28th floor
Amstelplein 1
4196 HA Amsterdam

Tel: +31 20 6444000 (Patents)

Tel: +31 20 3331433 (Attorneys at Law)

Tel: +31 20 3013500 (Trademarks & Designs)



Benjamin has worked as a attorney at law at Arnold & Siedsma since February 2017. Benjamin spends his time advising on and litigating matters of intellectual property rights in the broadest sense of the word. Before Benjamin joined the team at Arnold & Siedsma, he worked as an attorney at law at Vondst Advocaten, where he learned the intricacies of his profession and became an expert in the various aspects of intellectual property law.


As well as being an attorney at law, Benjamin is also an editor for the Amsterdams Balie Bulletin, the journal for the Amsterdam Bar of Lawyers. Benjamin writes about all manner of news within the Bar.