US Court of Appeals, Federal Circuit

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IPPT20090930, USCAFC, Stanford v Roche

Assignment of title: Stanford did not gain title to Holodniy’s inventions, while the VCA effected a present assignment of Holodniy’s future inventions to Cetus. Roche’s counterclaim for ownership is time-barred by statutes of limitation


IPPT20081030, CAFC, in re Bilski

The machine-or-transformation test: A claimed process is surely patenteligible under § 101 if:(1) it is tied to a particular machine or apparatus, or (2) it transforms a particular article into a different state or thing. The “useful, concrete and tangible result” inquiry is inadequate and reaffirm that the machine-or-transformation test, properly applied, is the governing test for determining patent eligibility of a process under §101


Patentable invention: applying the Boolean principle to determine value PIC indicator; a useful, concrete, tangible result. more than a disembodied mathematical concept


IPPT19980723, CAFC, State Street Bank v Signature

Patentable practical application of algorithm: produces “a usefull, concrete and tangible result”: Today, we hold that the transformation of data, representing discrete dollar amounts, by a machine through a series of mathematical calculations into a final share price, constitutes a practical application of a mathematical algorithm, formula, or calculation, because it produces "a useful, concrete and tangible result"—a final share price momentarily fixed for recording and reporting purposes and even accepted and relied upon by regulatory authorities and in subsequent trades. Unpatentable mathematical algorithms: Unpatentable mathematical algorithms are identifiable by showing they are merely abstract ideas constituting disembodied concepts or truths that are not "useful." No business method exception: We take this opportunity to lay this ill-conceived exception to rest.


IPPT19940729, CAFC, Alappat

Invention as a whole is directed to a machine; not a disembodied mathematical concept: the claimed invention as a whole is directed to a combination of interrelated elements which combine to form a machine for converting discrete waveform data samples into anti-aliased pixel illumination in-tensity data to be displayed on a display means.


IPPT19890424, CAFC, re Gosteli
Priority – Invention as claimed