IPPT20090430, ECJ, BIOS v Saarland

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Not a medicinal product by function where it constitutes a risk to health
• A product which includes in its composition a substance which has a physiological effect when used in a particular dosage is not a medicinal product by function where, having regard to its content in active substances and under normal conditions of use, it constitutes a risk to health without, however, being capable of restoring, correcting or modifying physiological functions in human beings.


IPPT20090423, ECJ, Falco Privatstiftung and Rabitsch v Weller-Lindhorst

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The concept ‘provision of services’
• That the second indent of Article 5(1)(b) of Regulation No 44/2001 must be interpreted as meaning that a contract under which the owner of an intellectual property right grants its contractual partner the right to use that right in return for remuneration is not a contract for the provision of services within the meaning of that provision.


IPPT20090423, CJEU, VTB-VAB v Total Belgium and Galatea v Sanoma

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Combined offers constitute commercial practices
• Combined offers constitute commercial acts which clearly form part of an operator’s commercial strategy and relate directly to the promotion thereof and its sales development. It follows that they do indeed constitute commercial practices within the meaning of Article 2(d) of the Directive and, consequently, fall within its scope.


Effect on trade between Member States serves as a criterion to define the scrope of Community competition law

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It cannot be alleged that the Court of First Instance did not examine whether the Commission stayed, in the contested decision, within the bounds of its discretion when handling complaints lodged with it. The judgment under appeal is not, therefore, vitiated by failure to state the grounds in that regard.


Prohibiting sales to discount stores that are not part of a selective distribution network possible

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The very wording of Article 8(2) of the Directive shows that the list set out in it is exhaustive.

Acquisition of prototypes and management of intellectual property is not an economic activity since there is no offer of goods or services

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The acquisition of prototypes in the context of that activity and the related management of intellectual property rights did not make that activity an economic one, since the acquisition did not involve the offer of goods or services on a given market.


Budvar's evidence clearly sufficient to prove genuine use of earlier international work mark BUDWEISER

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The Board of Appeal referred, in particular, to advertisements showing images of Budvar beer bearing the mark BUDWEISER, to invoices sent to customers in Germany and Austria and to the fact that those advertisements and invoices related to the relevant period.