Article 23

The publication of a request for conversion in accordance with Article 140(2) of Regulation (EU) 2017/1001 shall contain:
(a) the filing number or the registration number of the EU trade mark in respect of which conversion is requested;
(b) a reference to the previous publication of the request or to the registration in the European Union Trade Marks Bulletin;
(c) an indication of the Member State or Member States in respect of which conversion has been requested;
(d) where the request does not relate to all of the goods or services for which the application has been filed or for which the EU trade mark has been registered, an indication of the goods or services for which conversion is requested;
(e) where conversion is requested in respect of more than one Member State and the list of goods or services is not the same for all Member States, an indication of the respective goods or services for each Member State;
(f) the date of the request for conversion.