Article 14

1. The Advisory Committee shall:

a) assist the Administrative Committee in the preparation of the appointment of judges of the Court;

b) make proposals to the Presidium referred to in Article 15 of the Statute on the guidelines for the training framework for judges referred to in Article 19; and

c) deliver opinions to the Administrative Committee concerning the requirements for qualifications referred to in Article 48(2).


2. The Advisory Committee shall comprise patent judges and practitioners in patent law and patent litigation with the highest recognised competence. They shall be appointed, in accordance with the procedure laid down in the Statute, for a term of six years. That term shall be renewable.


3. The composition of the Advisory Committee shall ensure a broad range of relevant expertise and the representation of each of the Contracting Member States. The members of the Advisory Committee shall be completely independent in the performance of their duties and shall not be bound by any instructions.


4. The Advisory Committee shall adopt its rules of procedure.


5. The Advisory Committee shall elect a chairperson from among its members for a term of three years. That term shall be renewable.