Jeff Koons guilty of copyright infringement according to Paris Court

Print this page 12-11-2018
IP10162 "More than three years after advertising creative director Franck Davidovici sued Jeff Koons for copyright infringement, a Paris court has found the American artist guilty of plagiarizing a 1985 ad campaign, Fait d’hiver, by the French clothing label Naf Naf. Both the ad and Koons’s statue, which he produced in 1988, share the same name and feature a pig with a barrel of rum hanging from its neck nuzzling a woman lying in the snow. The latter was sold to the Prada Foundation for over $4 million in 2007.


Koons’s sculpture was shown at the 2011 Venice Biennale and reproduced in an exhibition catalogue for the artist’s 2014 retrospective at the Centre Pompidou in Paris, which is how Davidovici first learned of the piece. On Thursday, the court ordered Koons; his company, Jeff Koons LLC; the Centre Pompidou; and a book publisher to pay the ad director $170,000 for copyright infringement. According to The Telegraph, Koons’s company was also fined $12,500 for reproducing the image of the pig on the artist’s website, and the publishing house was fined $2,300 for selling a book containing images of the work.



Jeff Koons, Fait d’Hiver, 1988. Photo: Christie’s. Franck Davidovici, Naf Naf ad, 1985. Photo: Naf Naf.




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