IPPT20101222, CJEU, Bezpecnostni softwarova asociace

Print this page 30-12-2010
IPPT20101222, CJEU, Bezpecnostni softwarova asociace



Graphic user interface not a form of expression of a computerprogram
• that a graphic user interface is not a form of ex-pression of that program within the meaning of Article 1(2) of Directive 91/250 and thus is not pro-tected by copyright as a computer program under that directive.
• such an interface can be protected by copyright as a work by Directive 2001/29 if that interface is its author’s own intellectual creation. 
• criterion of originality cannot be met by compo-nents of the graphic user interface which are differentiated only by their technical function.

TV broadcasting of graphic user interface no com-munication to the public
• television broadcasting of a graphic user interfa-ce does not constitute communication to the public of a work protected by copyright within the mea-ning of Article 3(1) of Directive 2001/29.


IPPT20101222, CJEU, Bezpečnostní softwarová asociace