HBO responds to 'Game of Thrones' tweet Donald Trump

Print this page 05-11-2018
IP10156 "HBO isn't happy that President Donald Trump used "Game of Thrones" imagery and language to promote sanctions against Iran. An image of Trump posted Friday featured a text overlay reading "Sanctions are coming." The font of the text is a near-match of the style used in HBO's mega-popular fantasy television series. The text itself appears to imitate "Winter is coming," one of the show's most popular slogans. In a statement to CNBC, HBO said, "We were not aware of this messaging and would prefer our trademark not be misappropriated for political purposes." 


It was not immediately clear from Trump's tweet which sanctions he was referring to. But the White House's official Twitter account appeared to clarify in a follow-up shortly after Trump's tweet that the image was intended to reference sanctions on Iran. Trump's tweet also noted that the sanctions were "coming" on Monday, Nov. 5, when the administration says it will reimpose all U.S. sanctions on Iran that had been relaxed under the 2015 nuclear deal brokered during the Obama administration. This isn't the first time Trump has run afoul of HBO's parent company, Time Warner. The president has repeatedly hammered news network CNN, and his Justice Department opposed AT&T's acquisition of Time Warner, which was cleared by a federal judge in June.


While HBO objected to Trump's photo, the show's themes and catchphrases have often shown up in politics. Business Insider reported that Trump's 2016 rival, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, compared herself to another character, Cersei Lannister, in her memoir, "What Happened.""


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