Draft Council Conclusions on the EU Customs Action Plan to Combat IPR Infringements for the Years 2018 to 2022.

Print this page 10-10-2018

Press Release: "The EU Customs Action Plan to combat IPR infringements for the years 2018-2022 is attached. A roadmap will be prepared by the Commission in co-operation with Member States experts to define the actions and tools to be deployed within an agreed timeframe, taking into account the financial and human resource implications. The agreed roadmap will be made available to the Council in Spring 2019.The strategic objectives of this Action Plan are therefore the following:


̶  Ensuring effective customs enforcement of IPR throughout the Union.
̶  Tackling major trends in trade of IPR infringing goods.
̶  Tackling trade of IPR infringing goods throughout the international supply chain.
̶  Strengthening cooperation with the European Observatory on infringements of IPRs and law enforcement authorities.


The Action Plan will run for the years 2018-2022."


Read the entire draft here.