Dolby sues Adobe for dodging license fees

Print this page 15-03-2018

The Register: "Audio specialist Dolby Labs is suing Adobe for copyright violation as the two companies sit at odds over licensing payments.

complaint [PDF] filed with the Northern California District Court accuses Adobe of violating its copyright on nine different media encoders and software routines. The complaint also alleges breach of contract, breach of warranty, and assertion of audit rights.


Normally, Dolby says, it lets companies self-report the sales figures they use to calculate Dolby license payments. To keep them honest, the company occasionally sends in a third-party auditor to check the customer's books and make sure they aren't under-reporting. In 2015, Dolby tried to do just that with Adobe, asking to see figures on the subscriber rates for Creative Cloud from 2012-2014. Instead, Adobe offered the auditors access to figures it used for its quarterly financial reports. "An audit consisting only of reviewing what was previously reported is, of course, no audit at all," the suit claims."


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