Nicole van Roon

Mr. Nicole van Roon

Trademark & Design Attorney



Arnold + Siedsma Netherlands

Rembrandt Tower, 28th floor

Amstelplein 1
4196 HA Amsterdam

Tel: +31 20 6444000 (Patents)

Tel: +31 20 3331433 (Attorneys at Law)

Tel: +31 20 3013500 (Trademarks & Designs)



Creativity, expertise and enthusiasm are qualities that Nicole applies on a daily basis to achieve the best possible protection for the client. The wide variety of activities and sectors, the international nature and the many available options ensure that no two days are the same. The challenge facing Nicole is to provide bespoke protection for every client with his own wishes, ideas and vision for the future.

In the years that she has spent at Arnold + Siedsma, Nicole has drawn up a number of co-existence agreements, secrecy declarations and licence agreements, and has arranged for transfers of IP rights to be recorded in the relevant registers.


Nicole studied commercial law in Leiden. She wrote a thesis on the technical function in design law, making a legal comparison between Benelux law and German law