Weili Ma

W. Ma


Trainee patent attorney



AOMB Intellectual Property Consultants

John F. Kennedylaan 2

5612AB Eindhoven

Tel: (040) 243 37 15



Graduated at Queen Mary University of London where she performed her doctoral research in Electronic Engineering. Her thesis was about discrete Green’s Function formulation of the Finite Difference Time Domain method for numerical computation of electromagnetic fields. Since October 2018 she has been working at AOMB as a trainee patent attorney.

What fascinates her most of the profession is the combination of technologies as well as language and legal aspects of patents. After practicing as a qualified Chinese patent attorney for years, Weili decided to move to Europe and enhance her expertise by getting experience in a different jurisdiction.

In her free time she enjoys cooking for her family and friends. She is also much into Buddhism study, not only in the philosophical aspects but also in real practice such as meditation and visualizing various Dharma methods.