Rienk Rienksma


Dr. Rienk Rienksma

Patent attorney



Los & Stigter
Weteringschans 96
1017 XS Amsterdam
Tel: +31 20 623 68 32




Ir Rienk Rienksma is a trainee patent attorney and joined Los en Stigter in 2015. He graduated from Wageningen University, where he studied biotechnology. His specialization is bioprocess technology, and his major focus lies on the technical part of his study. He has a broad background, ranging from biological processes on a cellular level, organic chemistry, systems and control theory to process technology. This background enables him to interpret a broad variety of inventions and to “translate” these inventions in appropriate patent applications. Currently, he is about to finish his PhD in the computational systems biology field, concerning metabolic modeling of the tuberculosis bacterium.