Herman Schuman

Xiaolei Shi PhD MSc

Patent Attorney



Arnold + Siedsma Netherlands

Rembrandt Tower, 28th floor

Amstelplein 1
4196 HA Amsterdam

Tel: +31 20 6444000 (Patents)

Tel: +31 20 3331433 (Attorneys at Law)

Tel: +31 20 3013500 (Trademarks & Designs)




Herman is a highly experienced patent attorney, specialising in the analysis of inventions, the drafting and filing of patent applications and the conducting of grant procedures, not only in the Netherlands, but also in all major industrialised countries and groups of countries worldwide, including the member states of the European Patent Convention, the individual countries of Western Europe, the United States, Canada, Japan, South Korea, the People's Republic of China, Russia, South Africa, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina.


Herman has written an unusually large number of patent applications, i.e. some 1,600, in his almost 35 years in the patents field.

Herman is furthermore highly experienced in taking action in proceedings before the European Patent Office and IP infringement cases, particularly, but not exclusively, before the District Court of The Hague and the Court of Justice in The Hague in the Netherlands.


However, Herman’s basic approach is to attempt to resolve disputes outside the courts and to reach a settlement without incurring the high costs always associated with infringement cases.


Herman is experienced in the negotiation, drafting and evaluation of contracts, in particular licence contracts, IP infringement cases, copyright, secrecy agreements, the settling of IP disputes, oppositions and appeal proceedings at the European Patent Office, validity/invalidity rulings and due diligence investigations.