Hans Dohmen

H. Dohmen


Patent attorney



AOMB Intellectual Property Consultants

John F. Kennedylaan 2

5612AB Eindhoven

Tel: (040) 243 37 15



His interest for the profession of Patent attorney was aroused during a visit to a company with an own patent department. The combination of technical and legal skills appealed to Hans Dohmen and to date he finds it the most fascinating aspect of the profession. As he worked as a Patent attorney with a telecommunication company for a while, a field where patents play a significant role, he knows the importance of protecting intellectual property for a company and how to benefit from it. It is this knowledge and experience that he likes to use to advise his clients, particularly in his discipline of electrical engineering and data processing. As a Patent attorney one should not be satisfied being given half an answer or vague answers. You can only assess the distinction of your client’s idea when you know what it’s all about. If on top you know what the competition has available, then you can make the difference between a patent and a patent that’s valuable for your client, says Hans.


Trying time and time again to find a solution to protect an idea or to find a way to dispute unlawfully granted patents is the focus of his way of working. He also believes it is important to estimate the counterparty’s reaction in order to adjust his strategy. This may sometimes be experienced as unnecessary raising of problems, yet, given the saying ‘a fault confessed is half redressed’, he takes this for granted. Outside working hours he likes to visit towns/museums and sometimes he prefers to do nothing at all.