Gerwald Verdijck

Gerwald Verdijck PhD MSc

Patent Attorney



Arnold + Siedsma Netherlands

Rembrandt Tower, 28th floor

Amstelplein 1
4196 HA Amsterdam

Tel: +31 20 6444000 (Patents)

Tel: +31 20 3331433 (Attorneys at Law)

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At Arnold + Siedsma, Gerwald specialises in patents in the fields of mechanics, food processing, water treatment and aviation.


Gerwald has acquired substantial industrial market experience. Before joining Arnold + Siedsma in 2004, he spent eight years working in Research and Development. He trained in process management and the description of, in particular, agricultural products. One of his main specialisations was the integration of new products and new technologies into an industrial environment. Thanks to this background, Gerwald has an outstanding ability to translate between the theory and practice of technical inventions, and can act as an effective sounding-board for questions in this area. Gerwald is also the right person to come to for a usable estimate of the relevance of third-party rights.


Gerwald studied mechanical engineering at Eindhoven University of Technology and obtained a doctorate in applied sciences. The subject of his thesis was the process description of agricultural products.


Gerwald is partner of Arnold + Siedsma and does a lot of business in China.