Francoise Alsters

F. Alsters


Trainee patent attorney



AOMB Intellectual Property Consultants

Professor Dr. Dorgelolaan 30

5613AM Eindhoven

Tel: +31 (0)40 243 3715



Francoise developed her passion for the field of Intellectual Property during her law studies in Nijmegen and Paris. Since the start of her career, in 1999, she has specialized in the field of IP. As a lawyer at a medium-sized and large law firm, Françoise gained 18 years of experience in the many areas of this legal area, including trademark law, copyright and trade name law.


Françoise has also worked as a lawyer for several years in the business world. She arranged international contracts in the field of intellectual property at an international chemical group.


Since 2004, Françoise has taught at Radboud University Nijmegen, where she teaches her students the intricacies of the trade mark law profession.


Due to her long and broad experience in the legal profession, business and AOMB, Françoise is able to illuminate a case from all sides and to think along in the most diverse of situations. Françoise is an analytically strong lawyer and is very adept at translating customer requirements into legal options and actions. She stands for a combination of in-depth knowledge, empathy and a pragmatic approach.


In her spare time, Francoise likes to record things on film. Another passion is everything to do with history, with a preference for French history. At the weekend she likes to have a snack and a drink with friends.