Kolja Adamczyk

Kolja Adamczyk MSc

Patent Attorney



Arnold + Siedsma Netherlands

Rembrandt Tower, 28th floor

Amstelplein 1
4196 HA Amsterdam

Tel: +31 20 6444000 (Patents)

Tel: +31 20 3331433 (Attorneys at Law)

Tel: +31 20 3013500 (Trademarks & Designs)




Kolja Adamczyk's has a career background in industry and has proven expertise in research and development. Kolja's potential as a patent attorney was identified internally.


After extensive IP experience in materials technology, coating technology, printing technology - including 3D printing - and mechanics at a printer manufacturer, he made the move over to advisory at Arnold + Siedsma.


Kolja's expertise lies in both Invention Harvesting and Patent strategy as well as IP portfolio management and, in a broader sense, in how best to protect and use the company's know-how for commercial success. Establishing Freedom-to-operate also falls under his area of expertise.


Kolja is motivated to provide the client with clear advice and optimal support in their IP strategy for any kind of invention. He has experience in materials science - such as polymer applications and coating technologies - microfabrication - such as MEMS technology - and mechanics - such as transport systems and mechatronics. With his thorough insight into these technologies, Kolja has also developed a broader range of legal tools to help the client achieve the maximum IP protection.


As European patent attorney, partly thanks to his time in industry, Kolja has broad experience with Research & Development as well as the legal and economical aspects of patenting strategy.

Though his name may suggest otherwise, Kolja was born in the Netherlands and is a native speaker of Dutch.