Joris van Manen

Mr. J.C.H. van Manen


Lawyer (1992)



Hoyng Rokh Monegier

Amstelplein 1
1096 HA Amsterdam

Tel: +31 20 592 4411



Joris heads the Trademarks, Designs, Copyrights and Media practice in Amsterdam. He advises and litigates in trademark, copyright, media, Internet and ICT matters. He is particularly experienced in providing quick and effective remedies to intellectual property infringements and coordinating pan-European infringement actions. Joris is often involved in ground-breaking matters in the field of trademarks and copyrights, TV formats, peer to peer file sharing, action against ISP’s and proxy servers, search engines, database rights, on-line betting and other (on line) infringements and unfair competition.